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Coal / Limestone/ Minerals/Aggregates:

American Pulverizer manufactures numerous machines  for the reduction of these products.  Various styles and sizes of machines are made based on the application.

AC Series Ringmills for Coal/Limestone/ Minerals/Aggregates
WS & WC Series S Series Ringmills for Coal/Limestone/ Minerals/Aggregates 
Ringmills for Coal/Limestone/ Minerals/Aggregates
ACR Series Reversible Impactor for Coal/ Limestone/ Minerals/Aggregates 
DRC Series Double Roll Crusher for Coal/Limestone/ Minerals/Aggregates  
SRC Series Single Roll Crusher for Coal/Limestone/ Minerals/Aggregates  
FCC Series Frozen Coal Cracker for Coal 
CG Series Clinker Grinder for Clinkers
Wood Waste:
Wood waste comes in various forms, that is why American Pulverizer manufactures a variety of machines suitable for the reduction of wood.  From small applications of only a few hundred pounds per hour to large applications of several tons per hour, American Pulverizer offers the right machine for your wood waste reduction needs.  Wood Scrap, Offal, Green Waste, Railroad Ties, & Telephone Poles can be handled by the properly applied machine.

Wood Bark Hog for Wood Scrap, Offal & Green Waste
WS & WC Series Hammermill for Wood Scrap & Offal
Slow Speed High Torque Shredder Shear Type Shredder for Green Waste
SRS Auger type shredder for Green Waste, RR Ties & Telephone Poles
HWC Series Hammermill for long pieces of Wood Scrap

Municipal Solid Waste/ Waste Energy:
Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) is a problem that every community has to deal with.  With a Solid Waste shredder, items that are usually thrown away can be utilized in a manner that is less harmful for the environment.  Processed Solid Waste can be used as a fuel for facilities, such as electrical power plants and cement plants, that normally require fossil fuels.
Slow Speed High Torque Shredder Shear Type Shredder for Municipal Solid Waste
Heavy Duty Scrap Shredders for Municipal Solid Waste
Material Separation:
American Pulverizer manufactures a rotary screen for size classification of material.
Trommel Screens for Material Separation
Other Industries:
Contact us for other industries.  If it falls under our area of responsibility, we will be happy to assist you.  If not, we will refer you to someone who can.