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Pro I 
The Pro I capacitance sensor features a brightly illuminated LED status indicator. The top mounted LED allows you to visually determine the status of the sensor without removing the cover. The status conditions are as follows: Blinking LED- sensing Probe is uncovered; solid LED- normal operation and the sensing probe is covered; off LED- failure has occured and fail-safe relay has responded. The Pro I provides reliable point level detection and process control for solid, liquid, and slurry materials.
Capacitance Pro I
Pro X 
The Pro X capacitance sensor is specially designed for applications in hazardous locations. It's Pro Shield technology ignores material buildup, guarding against false indications. The sensor housing is explosion proof - for Class II approval applications, select the Pro IIX model.
Capacitance Pro X
Pro II X 

The Pro II X is our most versatile all-purpose probe. It works reliably in bulk solids, powders, slurries, or liquids. It has a rugged 5/8" dia. 316 ss probe featuring "pro-shield" protecting against false readings because of coating and buildup on probe.

Capacitance Pro X
Pro Flushmount 
The Pro I-FL Flushmount capacitance probe features a noninvasive design that mounts on the exterior of the vessel. Applicable for a wide range of solid, liquid, and slurry materials where intrusiveness is a concern.
Capacitance Pro Flushmount
Pro IIX 3A 
The Pro II X 3A conforms to the 3A and USDA sanitary standards for sensors and sensor fittings used for milk and milk products' equipment. It also conforms to food grade and pharmaceutical standards. However, its durable, abrasion resistant probe assembly makes it suitable for use in a variety of solids, liquids, and slurries.
Capacitance Pro IIX 3A
The Pro IIIX capacitance sensor offers reliability and affordability. Its probe assembly is constructed of 5/8" stainless steel covered with a Delrin sleeve, offering increased durability for use in abrasive environments. This non-shielded probe is ideal for use in both liquid and solid applications.
Capacitance Pro IIIX
Pro Remote 
The Pro Remote capacitance sensor is specially designed for high temperature, vibration, or hazardous applications. This model features remote electronics located in a separate housing. Depending upon necessary sensitivity, this allows the sensor's electronics to be safely mounted up to 75' from the sensing probe and hostile environment.
Capacitance Pro Remote
Pro DC 
The Pro DC capacitance sensor offers reliable point level detection in a low voltage application. Its Pro Shield technology guards against false readings from material buildup. This allows the sensor to be used in vessels storing a wide variety of dusty, sticky, or clinging materials.
Capacitance Pro DC
The CompactPro is a compact capacitance probe for reliable level measurement and plugged chute detection in liquid, powder, granular, and pelletized materials. This probe is designed for tight quarters where proximity switches don't work. In addition, its special Pro Shield technology ignores the material buildup that causes proximity switches to fail.
Capacitance Compact Pro
Capacitance Features
  • Electronic stability that will firmly hold calibration
  • Temperature stable from -40F to +180F
  • Incorporate a unique discharge time constant detector circuit which allows sensing capacitance changes less than 1 picofarad
  • PRO series probes operate at approximately 6 kHz and do not generate radio frequencies -- we are true capacitance
  • Four level of static safeguards; (1) Static Drain (2) Gas discharge tube that does not allow voltage to rise above a certain level (3) By-Pass Capacitance on input passes a fast impulse to ground (4) Current Limiting series resistance on probe
  • Fail Safe fault detection monitoring
  • The "Quick Set" calibration feature allow for simple setup and calibration of the unit to achieve low, medium, or high sensitivity settings. Units are calibrated with the probes uncovered.
  • Multiple power capabilities
  • New stronger 5/8" stainless steel probe
  • 3/4" NPT and 1 1/4" NPT mounts standard on all 5/8"probe units.
  • PRO series (excluding Pro III) feature the PRO-Shield to guard against false indications from material side wall buildup on the sensing probe
  • Standard Delrin insulated sleeve probes that are highly abrasion resistant and inexpensive to replace should they wear out. Allows the probe to function in both dry solid or liquid applications. These sleeves also give us the coated probe necessary for explosion proof and food grade applications.
  • Multiple power pack, probe and fitting options
  • All components designed for industrial application