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Coilmount Oscillating Conveyors

Provide fast, smooth conveying of low
to high density materials.

Coilmount Oscillating Conveyors are ideally suited for conveying many types of granular, free-flowing, sticky or fragile materials in forest, chemical, light foundry, metal cleaning and scrap handling operations.

Ruggedly constructed to provide reliable and economical service, the units can also be modified to suit specific scalping, cooling, heating and drying processes. The Coilmount is designed for
50 feet per minute material travel speeds with 1-inch pan stroke. With operating speeds of 420 cpm the Coilmount handles large capacities of low to high density materials.

Coilmount conveyors can be quickly and easily installed on concrete foundations or on structures near grade level. These conveyors are available in 10-inch and 20-inch widths with 6-inch deep troughs of either 10 gauge or 3/16-inch mild steel, stainless steel, or special alloys with flanging qualities. A wide assortment of liner plates materials is also available. Troughs can also be furnished with covers, attached with bolts or quick-acting fasteners. Gaskets can be installed between the cover and trough for dust-tight or weather-tight applications. Inlet spouts and exhaust vents can also be provided to meet specific conveying processes.

Coilmount Positive Drive

The Coilmount conveyor’s positive drive system has heavy-duty spherical roller bearings, a cast steel connecting arm and a rubber-bushed wrist pin assembly, which is securely locked to the conveyor pan with taper lock bushings. This drive system maintains positive action regardless of load conditions. It can be positioned at the conveyor feed end as an end drive or along the conveyor length as an intermediate drive. Motor and motor supports are independent of the conveyor base and are located on either side of the conveyor.

Single arm drives are used on 10-inch widths. Double arm drives are furnished on 20-inch wide conveyors.

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