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Syntron Heavy-Duty Electromagnetic
Vibrating Feeders

A wide variety of Syntron Heavy-Duty Electromagnetic Vibrating Feeders are available to handle capacities from 25 to 1000 tons per hour (based on feeding damp sand at 100 lb/ft3). They are capable of handling fine and large coarse materials.

The electromagnetic design features non-rotating parts, such as cams, eccentrics, belts and bearings. All movement is confined to the heavy-duty leaf springs. Dust-tight drive units are standard on all models.

Dust-tight and maintenance-free drive
Above or below deck drives
Two-mass, spring-connected, subresonant tuned
High frequency - 3600 VPM at 60Hz
Stroke - 0.060 inches
Stroke generated by creating a magnetic field
12 models
Suspension mount, base mount or combination of both
Bolt-on replacement trough liners


Trough Options

Flat bottomed troughs are standard on all Syntron feeders. A variety of trough options are available for both Electromagnetic and Electromechanical Feeders.

Tubular Trough
The diagram at the right is just one of many tubular trough options that are available. Custom tubular troughs can be designed to feed a wide variety of materials. They are available for electromechanical and electromagnetic models.

Grizzly Feeder
Grizzly bar sections for scalping or coarse screening are available for electromechanical and electromagnetic models.

Belt Centering Trough
Belt Centering troughs are available for electromagnetic and electromechanical feeders. They direct material onto a belt.

Above Deck Drive
Electromagnetic drives can be positioned above or below the trough. Above deck drives are ideal for installations where there is insufficient space below the trough, however the capacity is slightly reduced.

Other Trough Options Include:

    Covered Trough with Seals

    Open Trough with Seals

    Screening Feeders

    Diagonal Discharge Trough


Trough Liners

A variety of trough liners are available for both Electromagnetic and Electromechanical Feeders.

Wear-resistant liners
Stainless Steel

We accept credit cards for a limited number of items on this website that are distributor products, and for sales up to $2,000.00 (limit at our option).  Overseas sales via Electronic Funds Transfers only.