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Syntron Heavy-Duty Electromechanical
Vibrating Feeders

MF Models

Syntron Heavy-Duty Electromechanical Feeders combine extra structural strength with durable components. The deep wing plates form a bridge between inlet and discharge suspension supports and provide extra strength for years of dependable service. Standard troughs feature unitized weldments; one-piece, completely welded units for greater strength. Troughs are also available with bolted construction for easy installation in restricted areas.  These feeders can be applied to feed rates up to 3,600 tons per hour of coal and 6,000 tons per hour of stone.

FMC Technologies Syntron feeders feature special corrosion resistant polymer springs, which are more stable under varying conditions. The spring design eliminates pinch points, an important safety feature.

Capable of starting and operating in empty or fully-loaded state
Dependable, flexible easily adjustable control
Precision subresonant tuning ratio
Stroke consistency and speed stability under varying material conditions
Reduces effects of varying head load and material damping
Structural strength
Deep wing plates
Unitized weldments
Infinite unbalance adjustment

Achieve desired stroke length with easy adjustment.
Suitable for use in hazardous areas

Explosion-proof motors required by coal, coke or other dusty environments are available.
Bolt-on and abrasion-resistant trough liners


RF Models

Two models of Syntron RF Medium-Duty Electromechanical Vibrating Feeders meet the varying bulk material handling needs of industry. Capable of handling a wide range of materials, these units will provide feed rate capacities up to 700 TPH.*

They are two-mass, subresonant-tuned vibrating feeders with the trough as one mass and the exciter unit as the other. The exciter is belt-driven by a standard frame induction motor and connected to the trough with long-life polymer shear springs.

A variable pitch motor sheave provides a positive method of tuning. This Syntron design permits higher feed capacities from smaller trough sizes, enabling you to select a more economical unit to meet your capacity requirements.

Variable operating speeds and trough stroke, combined with the damping characteristics of polymer shear springs, are significant factors in the performance of the RF Medium-Duty feeder.

*Based on damp sand weighing 100 lbs per cubic foot.



Model Net
Weight (lbs.)
h.p. Trough
Width (A)
Length (B)
Trough Size
(Square Inches)
Coal Sand
RF-80 1200 1 20 to 36 42 to 72 1512 300 500
RF-120 1600 2 24 to 42 54 to 84 3528 400 700



Trough Liners

A variety of trough liners are available for both Electromagnetic and Electromechanical Feeders.

Wear-resistant liners
Stainless Steel

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