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Vibrating Joggers/Paper Joggers

Model TJ-2 8- or 12-Pocket Rack

124153-C    124153-B
8-Pocket    12 Pocket

Equipped with 8 or 12 pocket racks to increase the efficiency of modern, high-speed sorters by reducing the "jam rate" of checks and tab cards. When equipped with the 12-pocket rack, this double action jogger can align up to 6,000 pieces at one time, depending upon the stack thickness.

Eight-pocket 124153-C (Shipping weight 160 Lb.)
Twelve-pocket 124153-B (Shipping wt. 167 Lb.)

  • These models perform high-speed alignment for large-volume, high-capacity sorters.
  • Also ideal for aligning checks, notices, statements, and settling contents of mail prior to automatic opening.
  • The TJ-2, 8-pocket rack is capable of aligning up to 4,000 checks and the 12-pocket rack up to 6,000 checks at one time.
  Width Length Height
8-pocket rack
Inches 10-5/8 22-7/8 21
mm 270 581 533
12-pocket rack
Inches 10-5/8 22-7/8 19-7/8
mm 270 581 505

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