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Air Blast, Inc.

Air Blast has been building patented energy efficient air knives since 1973. Their high velocity air knives have been used extensively in the United States and internationally.


The Air Blast Belt Wiper System

Special Advantages:


    No wearing parts
    Increased belt life
    No adjustments required
    High velocity air jet cleaner

    Mechanical splices don't hit


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The Air Blast belt wiper is designed to blow off granular material from a conveyor belt.  Regardless of the material being conveyed a small amount of fine particles cling to the conveyor belt.   The belt wiper's high velocity air jet is effective at removing granular material such as aggregate, coal, sugar, cereal, grain, metal chips, sand, etc.  The belt wiper does not have any contact parts with the conveyor belt, therefore no wearing parts.   After the belt wiper is installed, it does not require any adjusting.


Blows water off of areas where normal air knives will not fit.

The "Air Blast" patented air knives were designed to develop an efficient high velocity air jet. The high efficiency allows the air knives to operate quieter, especially in confined spaces.

The air knives have been supplied for air velocities from 5,000 fpm to over 38,000 fpm.

The air knives are available in a standard and extended blade design. The standard blade is designed to be compact yet highly efficient. The extended blade design is used for special situations where a longer blade is required.

Air knives are available from 2 inches to 18 feet in length. Stock air knives and custom length air knives are quick delivery items.

The Air Blast Venturi jet is adjustable from .040 inch to over 1/2 inch.

Units are aluminum construction with stainless steel hardware. Stainless steel air knives are available.