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Syntron Vibrating Joggers/Paper Joggers

Model J-1

Food industries
Packing, pack-test and test-life

Model J-50-B tilt

Schools & colleges
In-plant printing

Model TJ-2
8 or 12-pocket rack

Mail order businesses

Model TJ-2 tilt

Calendar manufacturers
Box manufacturers

FMC has manufactured advanced Syntron Electromagnetic Vibrating Paper Joggers to meet the varied needs of business and industry -- from newspaper publishers to printers to department stores. Only with the world's largest manufacturer do you get unparalleled reliability and high performance.

…3,600 vibrations per minute/ 60Hz operation, aligns paper in seconds

…rheostat controls for easy adjusts on vibration amplitude for grade/size of stock

Advanced design
…electromagnetic design for continuous operation, 115 or 230-volt, single phase, 50 or 60 cycle

Proven reliability
…years of reliable, maintenance-free service

Simple operation
…no special training with simple on/off switch

…no jamming or clogging with particles, paper clips, staples, rubber bands or paper debris

…one-year warranty (from date of shipment) from defects in material/workmanship

…self-enclosed, no exposed parts, no overheating or sparking, 115/60Hz units are UL listed and CSA certified

To view the different types of Vibrating Joggers and Paper Joggers that FMC offers, make your selection from the menu below.

Vibrating Joggers/Paper Joggers for Newspapers
Vibrating Joggers/Paper Joggers for Banking
Vibrating Joggers/Paper Joggers for Mailrooms/Post Offices
Vibrating Joggers/Paper Joggers for Printing/Graphic Arts
Vibrating Joggers/Paper Joggers for Other Applications
Portable Stands for Vibrating Joggers/Paper Joggers

We accept American Express, Visa and MasterCard for a limited number of items on this website that are distributor products, and for sales up to $2,000.00 (limit at our option).  Overseas sales via Electronic Funds Transfers only.