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Magnetic Stationary Tachometers
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We accept credit cards for a limited number of items on this website that are distributor products, and for sales up to $2,000.00 (limit at our option).  Overseas sales via Electronic Funds Transfers only.

We offer a wide range of hand tachometers for measuring rotational and linear speeds.  These include mechanical, photoelectric, stroboscopic, contact, non-contact, chronometric, centrifugal, eddy current, vibrating reed, digital and analog types.  If any of the products here don't meet your very specific requirements, give us a call.

Model E and EA Magnetic Tachometers

These rugged tachometers are designed for heavy duty service and measure RPM, FPM or other production rates of speed. They are precision built instruments and each unit is individually calibrated with easy to read, hand drawn scales. These instruments feature noiseless operation. instantaneous pointer response and negligible torque. They are supplied in 3", 4", 5" and 6" sizes with ranges from 0 - 50 on up to 0 - 4,000. Connections can be made to the side, bottom, back or top of the instruments with connectors such as couplings, pulleys and timing belts.

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