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Tectron Engineering provides solutions to your tramp metal problems.  Because they specialize in the design and manufacture of tramp metal detectors, their expertise in the industry is unparalleled.  Tectron's ability to simplify metal removal and a strong commitment to their customers is the basis of their continued success.

Flat Pak Metal Detector-General Purpose Model 5700

Tectron 5700 Metal Detector
Under belt construction No above belt obstruction
One Piece Construction Easy installation under conveyor belt
Single Solid State Plug-In Electronics Easy servicing, low maintenance cost and interchangeable boards
Self Test Circuits Displays status of the detection circuitry to aid in trouble shooting

Under the Belt General Purpose Metal Detector

This unit is a single antenna mounted underneath the conveyor belt. It is best suited for those who require nothing above the conveyor belt because the material being conveyed is odd shaped or of varying height and where the metal is lying on or close to the belt.

Sensitivity is greatest close to the belt and decreases with distance from the antenna. Maximum detector capability is dependent on multiple factors and must be evaluated for each application.

The Model 5700 is suited to rugged environments. It will detect both magnetic & non-magnetic, ferrous & non-ferrous metals and is not affected by most process materials. An industrial metal detector proven to be dependable under adverse conditions such as dust, moisture and vibrations, Tectron's Model 5700 provides years of trouble free operation.