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Tectron Engineering provides solutions to your tramp metal problems.  Because they specialize in the design and manufacture of tramp metal detectors, their expertise in the industry is unparalleled.  Tectron's ability to simplify metal removal and a strong commitment to their customers is the basis of their continued success.

The Discriminator Metal Detector Model 8050

High Metal Sensitivity Detection of small metal pieces
Detect magnetic and non magnetic Provide ability to aid magnetic separators by sensing metals outside of magnetic separator capability
Single Solid State Plug-In Electronics Easy servicing, low maintenance cost and interchangeable boards
Self Test Circuits Displays status of the detection circuitry to aid in trouble shooting

The Model 8050 has the unique ability to detect and discriminate between non-magnetic & magnetic, ferrous & non-ferrous tramp metals. Typically, the Model 8050 is installed on a conveyor system in conjunction with a magnetic separator. The detector can be set to detect all non-magnetic tramp metals and those pieces of magnetic tramp metal which are too large for, or missed by, the magnet.

Tectron engineers design a custom or semi-custom detector that is specifically suited to the customer's unique installation, requirements. The antennas can be installed on chutes, conveyors or troughs. Our flexibility at the design stage makes the Model 8050 a particularly good choice when retrofitting a unit in an existing installation.

Metal detection sensitivity is similar to the standard Model 8600.