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Tectron Engineering provides solutions to your tramp metal problems.  Because they specialize in the design and manufacture of tramp metal detectors, their expertise in the industry is unparalleled.  Tectron's ability to simplify metal removal and a strong commitment to their customers is the basis of their continued success.

Flat Pak Metal Detector-Model 9300

High Metal Sensitivity Detection of small metal pieces
One Piece Construction Easy installation under conveyor belt
Single Solid State Plug-In Electronics Easy servicing, low maintenance cost and interchangeable boards
Self Test Circuits Meet unique user application requirements
  Minimal downtime

Designed for applications requiring unobstructed space above the belt, the Model 9300 is particularly suited for applications where detection of small pieces of metal is needed. For example, the unit is capable of detecting a railroad spike at a distance of 30 inches above the belt.

The Model 9300 can be sized and configured to suit almost any installation. Depending on the conveyor type, slider bed or troughing idlers, a ten foot non-metallic section may be required

Note: 1 Loaner includes standard electronic modules and is shipped at factory expense. Hassle free.