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Tectron Engineering provides solutions to your tramp metal problems.  Because they specialize in the design and manufacture of tramp metal detectors, their expertise in the industry is unparalleled.  Tectron's ability to simplify metal removal and a strong commitment to their customers is the basis of their continued success.

Standard Metal Detector Product Line

Our Standard Product Line of Industrial Metal Detectors is primarily designed to protect downstream equipment from costly tramp metal damage and resulting productivity loss. These detectors are available for conveyor belt sizes from 18 to 72 inches in width, standard. Model T2000 (shown above) available from 18 to 48 inch widths, with Models 8600 and 5500 available up to 72 inches. The Models 8600 and 5500 can be custom units, built to any non-standard belt or belts larger than 72 inches. The antenna above and below the belt design (aperture design) provides detection capability ranging from minimum sizes of 2 (two)-inch cubes to 0.1 inch cube (carbon steel). Metal Splices or Repair Clips can be used with the metal detectors.

  • Easy installation - no belt cutting

  • 10 year Warranty

  • Can be tuned to ignore most product characteristics (such as moisture and conductivity)

General Purpose New Digital Metal Detectors from Tectron S+S

The New Digital Metal Detector Electronics is backwards compatible with all Models 5000, 8000, 8600, T2000All System Programming is stored on a removable EEPROM.  No need to reprogram new, or replacement, Electronics.

General Purpose Model T-2000 Metal Detector

Prefabricated to fit standard CEMA conveyors, the T-2000 is available for next day shipment. Economically priced and with many of the same safety and quality features of other Tectron models, the T-2000 detects both magnetic and non-magnetic tramp metals greater than a 2" cube. The T-2000 has uniform sensitivity, thus is not affected by the height of conveyed material on the belt. Available up to and including 48 inches.

General Purpose Model T-2000 Flat Pack Metal Detector 

Prefabricated to fit standard CEMA conveyors, the T-2000 Flat Pack can be shipped in approximately 1-2 weeks (we're working to get this ship time reduced). Economically priced and with many of the same safety and quality features of other Tectron models, the T-2000 Flat Pack detects both magnetic and non-magnetic tramp metals. Opposed to other models that can detect a particular size of tramp metal, this model displays a variable sensitivity depending upon how far away the tramp metal is from the surface of the belt, and thus will detect smaller pieces closer to the surface of the belt and larger pieces farther away.  This is an ideal detector to economically detect tramp under belt loads with 16" to 24" and deeper burdens and lump sizes.  Available up to and including 48 inches of belt width.  Other sizes built on request.

The Workhorse Model 8600 Metal Detector

Designed for use with most conveyed materials, this detector ignores highly conductive ores and steel cord belts while detecting magnetic and/or non-magnetic tramp metal. Considered "the workhorse" of Tectron's metal detectors, the Model 8600 is in use across industry lines and depending on application, will detect tramp metal as small as 1" cube. The Model 8600 has specially designed circuitry for operation in environments where electrical storms are common and blocks incoming noise signals to reduce the chance of false tripping.

High Sensitivity Model 5500 Metal Detector

The Model 5500 is a high sensitivity metal detector developed specifically for use where the detection of small pieces of metal is required. Depending on application, the maximum detector sensitivity can be as small as 0.1" cube. The receiver antenna is shielded to minimize interference from surrounding metal and airborne electrical transmissions. Designed to detect magnetic, non-magnetic, ferrous, and non-ferrous tramp metals. The Model 5500 is a preferred choice for applications involving stainless steel and other hard to detect metals.


Tectron Pressure Sprayer A Clip Detector (shown at left) is available for ignoring metallic repair clips or splices.  With the Clip Detector control adjusted properly, the Detector will allow clips to pass while still detecting substantial pieces of tramp metal which may be riding on or near the clips.
A variety of audible and visual alarms are available.   A Marking Device (pressure sprayer, shown below) or FlagDrop Marker (non-metallic flags) is available for marking the location of tramp metal.


    (1)  A Shift Register tracks the location of numerous pieces of metal simultaneously for a glass recycling facility.
    (2)  Installation of a non-metallic conveyor section allows maximum sensitivity for produce packaging.
    (3)  In this wood chip plant, the Model 5500 protects a roll press, preventing costly repairs and downtime.
    (4)  Antennas installed vertically on a non-metallic trough section provide clearance for conveyed logs.
    (5)  Dual antenna system eliminates "orientation problem" typically associated with detecting nails and spikes.