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The Model 50 & Model 100

Tectron Metal
 Detection Inc.
S+S Sorting and Separation Technology GmbH
Presents to You Our New Digital Metal Detector

Tectron Metal Detection
Pulsed Eddy Current Technology
Digital Electronics

 About Tectron's New Digital Metal Detector

NEMA 4 (IP65) Control Enclosure, 25 Feet Interconnecting Cable (STD), and Dual Antenna System
Input Voltage:
110/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Operating Current:
0.15/0.3 Amps
Sensitivity Drift:
Less than 10%
Dust and Humidity:
No Restrictions
Operating Temp:
+14 deg F to 120 deg F (Optional Extended Temperature Range Available)

Direct output:
Timed output:
Fault output:

Dry Contacts (SPDT) Rated 250VAC 3 Amps
Dry Contacts (SPDT) Rated 250VAC 3 Amps
Dry Contacts (SPDT) Rated 250VAC 3 Amps

Benefits of digital electronics

Microprocessor based Three Level Password Protection
Bar Graph Display Event Log
Membrane Keypad & Function LEDs EEPROM Stored Parameters
Multilanguage available Self-test Circuit with Fault Alarm
Remote Operation Capability Noise reduction

The New Digital Metal Detector Electronics is backwards compatible with all:
Models 5000, 8000, 8600, T2000

All System Programming is stored on a removable EEPROM
No need to reprogram new, or replacement, Electronics

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