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FMC Bin/Hopper/Chute Vibrators

Syntron Electromagnetic Bin Vibrators
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Features and Benefits

Electromagnetic design
No rotating or sliding parts; maintenance-free
Ideal for continuous or intermittent operation

Adjustable control
Varies vibration with simple turn of control knob

Urethane encapsulated magnet assemblies
Provide protection from moisture and other contaminants
Prevents wire degradation

Productivity enhancing performance
No need for manual labor to unclog bins to keep material flowing

Simple design, durable, rugged construction
Safe, reliable performance for years of service

Wide range of sizes
Accommodates your specific application

Low noise models available
Quiet, reliable operation

Syntron Electromagnetic Vibrator Models

Models V-2 and V-4 Electromagnetic Bin Vibrators are two of the smallest industrial vibrators available. These versatile vibrators can be controlled electrically with a separate control. When these vibrators are operated without a control, they can be mechanically controlled by turning an easily accessible adjusting screw. Flexibility and ease of installation are common to both models and the Model V-4 is available with a dust-tight case.

Standard Syntron models V-2 and V-4 electromagnetic vibrators operated at 7200 vibrations per minute (vpm) on straight AC, but increased amplitude can be obtained at 3600 vpm by using rectified AC power.

Models V-9 and V-20 are compact in size, but at 3600 vpm, they pack enough vibratory "punch" to excel in a wide range of applications. Each is available with a separate dust-tight case.

Typical applications for the above models include installations on small bins, handling lightweight materials, or in counting, sorting or packaging operations.


9-1/2 Lb.    14 Lb.

4-1/2 Lb.
  V-9       V-20 V-4

2-1/2 Lb.

25 Lb.
V-2B V-41A1

Impact and Cushioned Vibrator Compact Models
Models V-50, V-85 and V-180 are "solid" impact type vibrators. These units use a metal striking block to produce positive impact.

Models V-41, V-51, V-86 and V-181 are "cushioned" impact type vibrators, which utilize a rubber striking block to produce positive impact. Their high power/low noise characteristics make them ideal for use in confined areas with nearby workers. Physical dimensions and electrical specifications are identical to the "solid" impact type vibrators. Dust-tight and waterproof construction are standard for both versions.

40 Lb.

79 Lb.
V-50D1, V-51D V-85C1, V-86C1

220 Lb.
V-180C1, V-181C1

Open Models
Models V-75 and V-500 feature a power-packed, solid impact, open-type design. They are used on difficult, heavy-duty applications. The V-500 is one of the largest magnetic vibrators available. Both the V-75 and V-500 are available with a separate dust-tight case.

Self-Contained Models
Models V-9 through V-500 require separate controls unless specifically ordered as self-contained units. Self-contained units include a built-in rectifier and they always operate at full force. Self-contained units are recommended only where no force adjustment is required. Models V-41 and V-500 are not available as self-contained units.

113 Lb.

700 Lb.
V-75A RC V-500-C1 RC

Electromagnetic Vibrator Selection

In vibrator selection, thickness of the bin or chute wall is the primary consideration. Once the proper vibrator model has been selected from the Application Tabulation Table, compare the capacity in the tapered portion of the bin with the rated capacity shown in the table. If the rated capacity is exceeded, multiple vibrators may be required, depending on the material being handled. Stiffeners used to reinforce the bin or chute may also affect the selection or preferred location of the vibrator. Please contact FMC for assistance with selection of appropriate units in these applications.

Application Tabulation (Order requires application information, subject to approval of factory specialist).
Model (Available voltages shown in parenthesis below) Models shown are
60Hz.  50Hz Model numbers are not shown..
Wall Thickness* Number of Vibrators Needed per Capacity in Tapered Portion of Bin  
V-2-B 160122-B (115V), 160122-C (230V) 24 ga (0.5mm) 1 ft3 (0.03 m3)
V-4 AC 160126-B (115V), 160126-C (230V) 22 ga (0.8mm) 1 ft3 (0.03 m3)
V-4 RC 160126-G (115V), 160126-H (230V) 22 ga (0.8mm) 1 ft3 (0.03 m3)
V-9-D 195689-G (115V), 195689-H (230V) 20 ga (1 mm) 3 ft3 (0.80 m3)
V-20 RC 160157-L (115V),
160157-M (/230V), 160157-N (460V)
1/16in (1.5mm) 10 ft3 (0.28 m3)
V-41-A1 RC 160203-B (115V),
160203-C (230V), 160203-D (460V)
1/8in (3 mm) 20 ft3 (0.57 m3)
V-51-D1 164439-P (115V),
164439-Q (230V), 164439-R (460V)
1/8in (3 mm) 30 ft3 (0.85 m3)
V-50-D1 164439-H (115V),
164439-J (230V), 164439-K (460V)
1/4in (6 mm) 1 per 5-ton (4.5 metric ton)
V-86-C1 164498-P (115V),
164498-Q (230V), 164498-R (460V)
1/4in (6 mm) 1 per 5-ton (4.5 metric ton)
V-85-C1 164498-H (115V),
164498-J (230V), 164498-K (460V)
1/4in (6 mm) 1 per 5-ton (4.5 metric ton)
V-75A-10 160137-C (115V),
160137-D (230V), 160137-E (460V)
5/16in (8 mm) 1 per 20-ton (18.1 metric ton)
V-181C1 164483-J (230V), 164483-K (460V) 5/16in (8 mm) 1 per 30-ton (27.2 metric ton)
V-180C1 164483-F (230V), 164483-G (460V) 3/8in (10 mm) 1 per 50-ton (45.4 metric ton)
V-500-10 160124-C (230V), 160124-D (460V) 1in (25 mm) 1 / 100-ton  (90.7 metric ton)

Note: 575 volts available on special order with longer lead times

To order, call (276)326-3338 or e-mail

* Wall Thickness is critical to proper vibrator selection. If in doubt, call us for assistance in proper selection.

Call us for recommendations on controls for each vibrator.  See additional notes on controls below.

Prices on self-contained vibrators (requiring no control) are higher and can be quoted on request.  Self-contained vibrators have no force adjustment.

Bin Vibrator Controls
Syntron Electromagnetic Bin Vibrators are normally furnished with controls. Control units include an operating switch, fuse and adjustable control to vary vibration force. Models V-9 through V-181 (except model V-41) can be furnished with self-contained rectifiers if force adjustments are not required. (Unless a self-contained vibrator is specified, a control is required for operation of Models V-9 through V-500.) Control units are available for multiple vibrator applications. Control enclosures can also be furnished to meet special electrical standards. In addition to the standard controls listed below, FMC can provide control systems built to meet your requirements.

Mounting Syntron Electromagnetic Bin Vibrators