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Tachometer Generators
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We accept credit cards for a limited number of items on this website that are distributor products, and for sales up to $2,000.00 (limit at our option).  Overseas sales via Electronic Funds Transfers only.

We offer a wide range of hand tachometers for measuring rotational and linear speeds.  These include mechanical, photoelectric, stroboscopic, contact, non-contact, chronometric, centrifugal, eddy current, vibrating reed, digital and analog types.  If any of the products here don't meet your very specific requirements, give us a call.

Series B Direct Current Tachometer Generators Type BH-1

These low ripple tachometer generators are specially designed for use on feedback Systems and speed control applications. They provide a voltage output directly proportional to the rotational speed of the armature shaft and are specifically designed for special control applications. They are available in base mounted flange mounted or combination configurations with outputs of 100, 50 or 40 VDC per 1,000 RPM.
The totally enclosed, heavy duty housings on these generators are splash proof and designed to withstand industrial environments. Long life and low maintenance are assured with features such as silver graphite carbon brushes, high precision sealed ball bearings and scientifically aged Alnico magnets.

Model ACA AC Tachometer Generators
Model ACA-2

These AC tachometer generators have a voltage output of 50 VAC per 1,000 RPM and are designed for industrial and marine applications where accuracy reliability and long service life are major considerations. The Model ACA Generators are available for both flange and base mounting. A completely waterproof model is offered for applications involving exposure to high levels of moisture or dust. They are also intended for use in plants where frequent wash downs or cleaning is necessary.


Model C DC Tachometer Generator

This heavy duty, totally enclosed generator is particularly well suited for very slow speed operation and is also designed for center zero applications such as are found in the marine industry. Without any up gearing, it can be used at speeds as low as 100 RPM when the indicator reads full scale. Base or flange mounting is available. It has an output of 50 VDC at 1,000 RPM. other models available with a 6 VDC per 1,000 RPM.

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